The Importance of the Right Dance Floor Music

Anyone who is going to spend a night out enjoying a good DJ and some dancing is going to have some high expectations. Much of the responsibility for this falls on the shoulders of the DJ.

The Right Choice of Music

Not everyone enjoys the same genre of music, but a lot of these same people enjoy dancing. This creates the challenge of playing the right music, which is going to have something to offer everyone. One of the primary goals is always to be able to provide something unique that comes from the world of music. A prime example is the style of music that Ben Walsh brings to the dancefloor that is impressive and unique and ultra modern.

The DJ Skills

Being a DJ does not merely mean getting up on the dance floor and setting up a selection of music for entertaining the guests. There is a lot more to this profession. This is undoubtedly one of the reasons why many of them will take some type of formal training so they can class themselves as professionals. They must possess a variety of skills to be successful on the dance floor.

Knowing the Wants and Needs

The DJ has to be able to know what the crowd wants who are being entertained. This is referred to as reading a dance floor. It is considered to be the most essential skill which a DJ can have. As long as they have access to a variety of music, then they will be able to make changes in the selection according to what is appealing to the crowd.

When Things are Going Wrong

As long as the DJ can decipher when the dance crowd is less than pleased, there will be opportunities to change it around. What many DJs rely on are the classics when they need to stir up the group to get back out on the dance floor. To do this, though, they need to know which classic is going to achieve the desired results.

For this reason, most seasoned DJs will always have a selection of this type of music on hand.

How to Know Which is the Correct Choice of Music

To begin with, the DJ has to set the tone for the crowd. This is going to depend on the type of event. DJs handle all types of events ranging from night clubs to birthday parties to weddings. The event will be the first indicator as to the kind of music which is going to be a big hit.

A selection of music for the off dance floor times may be something which is expected of the DJ as well. During this time, it will be a selection of easy listening music, where the songs are not the focus of the event during this time.

The DJ should ask some specific questions before attending the event. Knowing precisely what the occasion is, and the age of the crowd, are two huge factors in being able to make some good music choices.

The Starter Music

Here is where the DJ can experiment with a wide range of music during the first few songs. This will be a great indicator as to what the audience is gravitating to and what is enticing them to get up on the dance floor.